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Hunting Wisdom: A Bacchic Orphic Diviner’s Manualavailable now! – is my XIIIth book released through Nysa Press, but soon it won’t be. After January 1st I’m going to be pruning back my titles. Specifically Gods and Mortals, Balance of the Two Lands, Echoes of Alexandria, From the Satyr’s Mouth and Heart of the Labyrinth are being forcibly retired and thus will no longer be available through Amazon, Createspace or other online venues except through resale. All that will remain are my poetry books, Ecstatic, and the volumes in the Starry Bull boukoloi training series. So, if you already have copies hang onto them as they’re soon to become collectors’ items, and if you don’t then you’d better put them on your holiday wish list!

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The mantis (diviner) straddles the gulf between the hidden and the seen and makes known to their community the sage counsel of the Gods and Spirits.

When everything is out of balance, illness and misfortune afflict the people, the holy has been profaned and the land cries out for justice – that is when the mantis steps in and untangles the threads so that all may enjoy felicitous relations once more.

Drawing on over twenty years’ experience as a Dionysian diviner, author H. Jeremiah Lewis (who serves his community under the name Sannion) has put together a manual for those who would take up this sacred vocation within the Starry Bull tradition, as well as curious outsiders. He not only lays out the proper foundation and protocols for this work, but introduces a plethora of brand new divination systems specifically tailored for Dionysian practice.

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Be well and see you on the other side.

For my next couple projects I won’t be posting excerpts here as I work on them. Since that means I’m not likely to have much original content to offer, and I don’t want the House of Vines to just become a repository of random videos and rants I’m boarding the place up for the winter.

I plan to remain active in the Bacchic Underground during this time, and I’ll still take on clients if you need divination, spiritual work done on your behalf, religious counseling or any of the other services I offer.

I will also update this post to notify you when my next couple books are out.

Be well and see you on the other side.