My Beautiful Corpus

Boukoloi training
1. Thunderstruck with Wine
2. Tending the Bull: A tradition of Dionysian devotion
3. Hunting Wisdom: A Bacchic Orphic Diviner’s Manual
4. Revelry
5. Spirits of Initiation: A Study of the Toys of Dionysos
6. Begin Where You Are: Weaving Relationships with Land and Other Spirits
7. Masks of Dionysos: Getting to know the God through his Heroes and Heroines
8. Bearing Gifts: Charismatic Bakcheia
9. The Furious Host: Bacchic Masquerie and the Harlequinade
10. Brazen: Honoring Dionysos’ War-Band
11. The Game
12. Ariadne Crowned
13. Boustrophēdón: Spiritual advice from an Orpheotelest

Myths of an emergent tradition
1. End to End
2. THIS IS NOT AN EXIT: Strange Spirits Volume II
3. Everything Dances: Strange Spirits 3
4. What Flowers in the Dark: A Poetic Journey Through Anthesteria
5. Strange Spirits Volume One
6. Wine Dark
7. Pandæmonium and Silence
8. Carried Away
9. Black Sun Rising: a Book of Prophecies

Other books
Ecstatic: For Dionysos
Gods and Mortals: New Stories of Hellenic Polytheism