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I also think it’s great that you’re talking about female orpheotelestai. I suspect people forget that was a thing.

Sadly, I encounter that all the time. But thankfully women are highly regarded within the Starry Bull tradition – and not just because we’re Bacchic Orphics. You find this same attitude in Egypt and Magna Graecia, two cultures that have strongly influenced us, especially in the shaping of our values.

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  1. and you certainly find that intense respect for women, especially holy women, amongst the Germanic and Norse peoples, for all some denominations of modern Heathenry sometimes don’t reflect that.


    1. Well, since most of those Heathens like to say, “We are our deeds,” and that’s a pretty shitty thing to do, there must be giant piles of shit all over the country.


      1. It’s more that we get the “Brosatru” types trying to instantiate 1950-ish era gender roles . utter Bullshit of course. and then there are the Theods, and then of course you have the groups that go utterly the other way. it’s a shit show for sure.

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