Now with less male genitalia

[Note: this post was deleted by WordPress without any notice, etc. likely because of the accompanying image which contained male nudity. Ironically, my post on Sokrates’ polygamy, which had a pic of two totally naked chicks in it, did not trigger the censors. So here it is again, now with less male genitalia.]

Don’t worry! Just because Dionysos has some asexual aspects doesn’t mean he’s a prude. There are cocks and prostitutes (especially Thaïs and Phryne) lying about everywhere — as well as Priapos, who is more cock than man, and his son with the Goddess Aphrodite. (Not to mention the God is queer as a 3$ bill.) 

7 thoughts on “Now with less male genitalia

  1. I once had my nudes in an art show and all the female nudes were accepted no problem. the ONE very, very abstract male nude was rejected on the grounds it might offend the community. Why? I know that town. they’re full of dicks. *shakes head*

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  2. Reminds me of the time I got banned from a Discord group for “showing pornography to a minor” because I sent him a picture of Priapos. You know that fresco that depicts Him as Hermes? That one. That actually upset me because people are basically implying that our religion has inappropriate deities. Here’s a deity that literally represents the generative force of life which is one of the most important concepts in our religion and He’s being labelled inappropriate rather than being allowed to be talked about in edifying and age-appropriate ways with our young people. Like, listen, I get it. If it was a human penis I would totally understand but this is a God. He needs respect.


          1. I wish it was easier to find young Polytheists with good heads on their shoulders. Finding people online is beyond toxic.


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