An important announcement regarding the Bakcheion

At this point I figure I can let y’all in on the secret I alluded to in the previous post. I have been running the Hudson Valley Bakcheion now for five years, which just doesn’t seem possible but my records confirm it. In that time my practice has seen ups and downs, depending on external circumstances and especially things like my health. Since I am generally feeling better I want to do more for Dionysos and the Gods and Spirits associated with him, and so I stripped it all back to the bone and codified a system of temple cultus for the Starry Bull tradition, which I then compiled in a document entitled The ἱερὸς νόμος of the Hudson Valley Bakcheion. The schedule of devotions prescribed therein will take effect on the next New Moon, and two of those are pertinent to y’all. On the Second of each Month I am going to make offerings to Dionysos Lusios and bring before him the prayers and petitions of the community. A couple days before the Noumenia I’ll put out an open call and anyone is welcome to send in whatever you’d like to say to or ask of the God, regardless of your affiliation with the temple and degree of dedication to Dionysos. And on the Thirteenth of each Month I will make offerings to Dionysos Eubouleos and do divination or oracular consultations for the community, depending on where we’re at in the Calendar. (Open call on the First.) Anyone who wishes to receive the sage counsel of the God may do so, regardless of your affiliation with the temple or ability to pay. (Though donations, which will go towards the upkeep and operation of the temple, will very much be appreciated.) Later on I will share the full schedule in case folks want to line their devotions up with those of the Hudson Valley Bakcheion. Although most of my community-building efforts are going to be directed at finding and cultivating folks locally going forward, I figure the more the merrier when it comes to βακχεία, right?! Io evohe! Io io Dionysos!

5 thoughts on “An important announcement regarding the Bakcheion

  1. Wonderful news!

    Have you considered some sort of subscribestar or other funding site so supporters can make monthly donations?


    1. While I’ve done that in the past, when I was using “Bakcheion” to refer to a team of rotating ritual specialists who put on big Dionysian rituals at Pagan/Polytheist conventions like Pantheacon and Many Gods West, to help pay for travel expenses and other things for members I haven’t really considered that for this iteration. I could send out special notices, offer contributor-only content, special prayers, divination sessions, classes, etc. I’ll definitely think about that.


      1. A Bakcheion can refer either to a temple of Dionysos or a religious association dedicated to him (with or without a permanent sacred space attached) and I’ve used it both ways over the years.


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