His Cup Runneth Over

I am recovering nicely after a follow-up surgery at an ungodly hour this morning. When the idiots performed the amputation they left a large knob of bone, despite the protestations of my podiatrist. And, as he predicted it’s been giving me trouble, so he went ahead and finished what they started. Thankfully it was a pretty standard in-n-out procedure and I’m home recovering — no hospice full of lunatics and demoniacs this time around, woo-hoo!

The hardest part of it all was keeping down a pretty serious panic attack brought on by stupid, repetitive questions during intake (like what kind of hot sauce I had with dinner the night before, which they asked four times) but thankfully I’ve got Dionysos, my early Buddhist training, and the support of my beautiful, strong and wise wife to draw upon so I managed to make it through without completely embarrassing myself. Let me tell you, folks, medically-induced PTSD fucking sucks. One moment you’re calm and perfectly in control and the next your body does all of this crazy shit without bothering to consult you. (I’d rather not scream at nurses while my heart’s beating like a tympanum and there’s so much adrenaline pumping through my system I can taste it, thank you very much. Even if they deserved it, Fucking White people and their inability to handle spice.) In addition to the capable hands of my podiatrist I have one of the most skilled and Gods blessed herbalists I’ve ever seen, so recovery should be a breeze.

My primary concern at this point is that the recovery process is going to impact my ability to complete the ἱερὸς νόμος by the noumenia of Prosopon. When I decided on that date for the relaunch the surgery was scheduled for July or late June if something opened up. I figured if I busted my ass I’d have everything put together by the noumenia, and a couple weeks of this new style of devotion under my belt before I had to make post-surgical accommodations. Then the opportunity presented itself, and I figured it made more sense to seize it than wait, especially with the trouble the foot’s been giving me. Well, I’m not going back on my pact with Dionysos — in the end all a man’s got is his word, especially when it comes to the Gods — so that just means I’ll have to bust ass even harder. Or work smarter and simply focus on the material I’ll need to start up this practice, finishing the rest as I’m able. And, despite the time crunch it is definitely better this way because I won’t be starting the practice, stopping, and picking it back up again. So there’s that. Ultimately I don’t really care — I just don’t want to disappoint Dionysos.

So I won’t. Tomorrow it’s back to the grindstone after spending the day relaxing and recuperating just like my doctor told me to. (Technically he prescribed bed rest for a week, but I think we all understood that was never going to happen.)

14 thoughts on “His Cup Runneth Over

  1. So glad you get to recover at home, even if you do rush the healing process a bit. Hopefully your wife will sit on you and make you rest when you need to. Happy writing!


  2. Ah yes, the medical establishment and their incessant questions and insisting that you have the wrong answer. My husband gets that with his brain and his feet. “It is all in your head.” Of, course, dummy, that is why I am asking you to look at my head. Or “You have partial neuropathy at the bottom of your foot. You must have diabetes.” No dummy, I do not have diabetes. I keep getting tested, and nope, nada, no diabetes. Just fix my fucking wound on my fucking foot.

    We are looking at foot surgery also. (We – I have to dress his wounds every day.) Either a bunion surgery or a skin graft or both.

    Arg. Take care.


  3. Ugh, so sorry you had that experience at the doctor. I have heard that doctors/surgeons are really weird about herbs. The theoretical concern is about certain herbs being blood-thinning or interfering with anaesthetic. My personal suspicion is that most herbs are not going to have a very noticeable effect – not the way that pharmaceuticals with similar properties would. (For example, garlic is on that list. While it IS amazing and powerful, come on – it’s a food.) But of course when it comes to surgeries it’s always an abundance of caution.

    Take good care, my friend! You’ll be able to do even less if you injure yourself further! I do understand that impatient desire to honor Dionysos… He is, from my experience, very understanding too, though. <3


    1. I can’t even begin to thank you for all of the help and support you’ve given to me and my family.

      He’s a really good doctor, but very limited in his knowledge base. He didn’t even recognize yarrow, comfrey and goldenseal – however he’s impressed by the effects they’ve had and says keep up with it, because it’s clearly working in a way more conventional medicine has not. So respect to him for being able to see beyond the discipline he was trained.

      And yeah, I’m aware this drive to do more is coming from me, not me. He’s been very gracious in accepting my more scaled back devotions, but he shouldn’t have to.


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