Before you can cast spells you must learn to spell

When I mentioned that Northern Italian alphabets (and Etruscan in particular) had an influence on the shape of the Runes I wasn’t kidding. (This is especially interesting in light of the strong presence of Óðinn, Loki and Freyja in the region.) Note I said influence and shape; I believe the Runes to be a class of grammatical beings brought into this world through the terrible sacrifice of Óðinn (which just so happen to look Italian, as all the best things do.) 

For instance, here are a couple articles on the Camunic language and alphabet; here’s one on the North Etruscan thesis, and here’s another; here’s something on different families of magical alphabets; and finally check out this analysis of the vitally important  Rhaetic inscription on the Spada di Verona or “Sword of Verona.”

Why is that last so important? 

The two translations provided by Giancarlo Tomezzoli and V. A. Choodeenov read:

Alternative A (by G. Tomezzoli): faniniufikuremieshiiitifasuvakhikvelisunes → fanin i ufik u remieshi i itifas u vakh ik velis u nes.
Translation: War and mutilation are to the Romans and the fury is to their God Bacchus, Velis is with us.

Alternative B (from V. Chudeenov): raniniufikuremleshiipivauvakhikvelisunes → rani ni ufik u remleshi i piva u vakh ik velis unes.
Translation: The wounds are not the mutilations among the Romans; when you are drinking together with Bacchus, Veles has them (already) carried away.

It shows Dionysos interacting with the Slavic Gods, and Veles in particular. I cannot tell if we are to understand the two as working together or at odds, but the implications are interesting nonetheless. 

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    1. And the famous “Golden Bough” of J. G. Frazer in the grove of Diana Nemorensis was also y-shaped!

      (I feel like Zoot’s sister in Monty Python and the Holy Grail: “She’s been lighting our beacon, which I’ve just remembered is grail-shaped.” Oh bad, naughty, evil PSVL!)

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