Choose wisely


Shall I continue teasing out the position of Hermes within the Starry Bear pantheon (we haven’t even gotten to his contributions to the figure of Harlequin nor his role in the Wild Hunt, let alone his cultus in Romano-Celtic, Germanic and Slavic lands) or shall we move on to Loki? (Beyond what has already been told here, that is.)

Before you decide be sure to read Alberto Aldrovandi’s Loki in Pavia, a Langobard Demon and Jeffrey Turco’s Nets and Snares: The Loki of Snorri’s Edda and the Christian Tradition from the homework I assigned previously, as that’s going to be my jumping off point.

Or maybe we’ll begin by discussing German philosopher Nietzsche’s encounter with a horse in Turin.


2 thoughts on “Choose wisely

  1. I just read through the two articles on Loki. While that’s definitely of interest and I look forward to seeing the discussion of Loki in the Starry Bear, I would truly like to hear about Hermes’ cultus in Germanic lands, as well as other topics on Hermes that you have been examining. Hail the Son of Maia and Zeus!


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