Curioser and curioser


Synopsizing the Kypria, Proklos in the Chrestomathia mentions the legend of Odysseus’ feigned madness:

Nestor in a digression tells him how Epopeus was utterly destroyed after seducing the daughter of Lycus, and the story of Oedipus, the madness of Heracles, and the story of Theseus and Ariadne. Then they travel over Hellas and gather the leaders, detecting Odysseus when he pretends to be mad, not wishing to join the expedition, by seizing his son Telemachus for punishment at the suggestion of Palamedes.

Couple of notable things, starting with the mention of Lycus (= Wolf.) 

Then the sequence: Odysseus > madness of Herakles > Theseus and Ariadne > madness of Odysseus. 

Also, the trauma of a threatened child breaks his mask of insanity, which had withstood all of their previous tests. 

Don’t worry. As Josho Brouwers relates in Odysseus the Jerk: A terrible person despite being fictional, he ensures that prick Palamedes gets his.