Lady Stardust

By the way, happy 4/20 everyone!

Marijuana is a sacrament in both the Starry Bull and Starry Bear traditions, so be sure to light up today and offer the smoke to the Gods and Spirits, especially the ancestors.

7 thoughts on “Lady Stardust

    1. I remember my first time smoking cannabis. Mainly because nothing happened since it was my first time smoking anything and I literally didn’t know how to do it. I was a freshman in college and I was hanging out in someone’s dorm when they offered me a joint. They told me just take a puff and then blow the smoke out the window. So I tried and nothing came out and I didn’t get a high. I can’t remember the first time I actually succeeded in getting high. It must have been in New York when I was working at a mini mart and we’d all go out to the parking lot at night and smoke in one of our cars.

      Cannabis is great. I recommend it if you haven’t tried it unless of course you have a mental condition that would be exacerbated by it or if you could lose your job over it. If it wasn’t for the terrible coughs I get I’d probably smoke it more often (though obviously the way to avoid that is to smoke more often but I don’t really have the opportunity to do that)


      1. I was fairly straight-edge growing up and didn’t start smoking (cannabis or tobacco) until I was 26-27, and then it was mostly a social thing I did with my roommates who were some serious pot-heads. I don’t think I really got high for another year or two after that. Of course I’ve more than made up for that and am pretty much always smoking now — for creative inspiration, to connect with my Gods and Spirits, to help manage my chronic pain, insomnia or assorted mental conditions, and just because it’s fun. In addition to smoking it (mostly via bongs and pipes, and occasionally in joint form though I’m terrible at rolling them) I also vape and consume edibles. I’ve never dabbed (mostly because I don’t have the equipment) though I’m curious to try that method as I’ve heard some pretty positive things about it, provided you don’t overdo it. (Which, apparently, is really easy to do since it’s much more concentrated and potent.)

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        1. Oh Gods. The idea of taking a dab with you cracks me up. We so have to do that together some time. I’ve dabbed before and basically it feels like your brain is on fire while you’re stoned. It’s a great feeling but the coughs are really bad.


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