Orphic Heathenry

Hey folks!

Sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve been working on a book about Dionysos in the Northlands, which I’m nearly halfway through (155 pgs at last count.) I estimate about a third to a half of it will consist of material I’ve previously published (most of which can be found at the Bakcheion) while the rest will be entirely new.

Whilst proofing the older pieces I’ve noticed some interesting recurring themes I wasn’t previously aware of, which has been pretty cool. Can’t wait to see it all laid out together, and polished.

This is the first in a series, and while it’s fairly Dionysocentric (with some nods to Hermes, Apollon, and the Witch-Goddesses) the rest will expand to explore the intersection of Orphism with Germanic, Slavic and Baltic polytheisms, laying the foundation for the Starry Bear tradition.

After this I’m probably going to work on another poetry book (I’m three short of completing the cycle) which I’ll share significant selections from here. It’s good to be writing again, even if that means I don’t have much left over for the blog.

Anyway, figured I’d let y’all know what I’m up to and share this cover of The End by Nico. How are you doing, and give me a song in return?

15 thoughts on “Orphic Heathenry

  1. I’m looking forward to it! Is there also going to be Celtic stuff? I remember you posting about some Celtic stuff a bit back. I’m just excited for all the mumming and Wild Hunt related stuff as well

    As far as songs go… I’ve never been too good with that. I never really learned how people find new music. I guess through talking to people but unfortunately that doesn’t happen to me as often as I’d like and even then the topic doesn’t come up. I’ve actually learned more about music from you than anyone else I’ve known (aside from stuff I learned about when I was in choir)


    1. Guason, of everything I’ve heard from converts — and we’re still mostly traditions of converts, though that is changing, the thing I hear the most is how much folks miss music in their liturgies and rites. I don’t have that skill either, save for galdr which isn’t by any means music lol. but I’d give my eye teeth to have those in our trad who had that gift and whom the Gods inspired in that way.

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      1. As far as our own music goes, I wholeheartedly agree with you. We need our own songs and dances again. We need every kind of art. Every kind of skill in fact! That is most definitely something I’d love to contribute to if possible


      2. I do sing Wardruna’s “Solringa” for Suna more that the weather is nicer.


    2. Dionysos has spent some time in the Celtic lands (and there’s some interesting figures like Mog Ruith that he shares traits with) but that’s not sufficient to develop a branch of the tradition around, anymore than we’re going to start a Starry Panda branch just because he spent a couple hundred years among the Dayuan of the Ferghana Valley in China. These traditions take years, if not decades to develop; in addition to literary and archaeological attestation there has to be a core of practices and mysteries for them to coalesce around, and a need for their existence (i.e.members who are already maintaining a dual trad worship or sufficient visionary or divinatory evidence to warrant it.) None of these criteria are really met by Celtic stuff, except possibly where Hermes or Óðinn are concerned, and that’s easily enough folded into their roles within the Starry Bear tradition.

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  2. Hey babe! Nice to see you posting. After what has been truly one of the worst experiences of my life I’m on the mend. No news yet on whether it worked, but I’m hopeful.
    Hope I too find my way back to the writing muse. She’s utterly deserted me for the nonce.
    Here’s one I think you’ll like.


    1. I’m glad to hear that, and hopeful as well. You’ve frequently been in my thoughts and prayers.

      May the Muses and Sirens smile upon you.

      Was there supposed to be a link in your comment?


    1. Eric Burdon’s voice is fucking amazing (and unexpected, coming from such a little guy.) Here’s their cover of Paint It Black, which I think rivals the original:

      Takes it in such a different direction. Oof.


  3. Glad to hear that you’re fully back into the swing of writing. And this song is perhaps appropriate of nothing but it’s fun anyway.


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