the political is spiritual

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How does destroying statues of elk and mermaids get justice for George Floyd, Elijah McClain or Breonna Taylor, let alone all of the poor White, Latino, Indigenous, Queer, et alia lives that have been devastated by police brutality, a corrupt legal system and the prison industrial complex? You want reforms, how about we get rid of for-profit penitentiaries and mandatory minimum sentencing, decrminalize drugs and prostitution, put funds into education and rehabilitation programs and insist on deescalation training and community outreach for the police? Just as a start; I also think there need to be moral and social reforms among the civilian population too, though no one ever wants to talk about that part of the equation.

Of course this assumes that justice and reformation are the true goals of these movements and increasingly I’m becoming convinced that the Antifa/BLM leadership are White supremacists who realized they could get their agenda actualized more effectively merely by presenting themselves as “woke” White Saviors – they’ve got the ochlos advocating for segregation and other identitarian policies, spouting racist rhetoric and antisemitic conspiracy theories, tearing down abolitionist monuments, destroying Black- and other minority-owned businesses, ousting centrist and liberal politicians while making the rest grovel and humiliate themselves, and so forth.

Not only is this expedient but it’s pushing a lot of the population right and radicalizing/providing justification for the lunatic fringe. And if they’re successful in not just defunding but dismantling the police (which, at least in major urban centers is composed largely of Black and Brown people, thus harming the very populations they feign to be advocating for) will make it that much easier when it comes time to boogaloo – assuming they even have to. They seem to be transforming America into a racially and socioecominically stratified society just fine without RAHOWA.

Always, we must ask ad cuius bonum.

And no, it’s not the Jews, you deranged lefty.

Nor is it really the crypto-fascists and race-baiters, who are at best pawns. 

It’s not even the technocrats, media hacks, celebutards and billionaires, who are just a step above.

It’s something far more sinister and nihilistic pulling the strings, as the assassination of Elijah McClain makes clear.

Eijah mcclain

From The Colorado Sentinel:

By his teenage years, he’d taught himself to play guitar and violin. On his lunch breaks, McClain would hoof his instruments to animal shelters to perform for abandoned creatures, believing the music put them at ease.

He’d become a vegetarian, considering carnivorous diets a form of cannibalism and eschewing meat for “food from the fields and the trees,” as Sheneen said. She said he cared about animals so much that he would chase off flies rather than kill them.


“He had a child-like spirit,” she said. “Elijah McClain was not conditioned to the norms of America… He lived in his own little world. He was never into, like, fitting in. He just was who he was.”

Which is evident in the final words Elijah spoke:


What could this Orpheus redivivus have accomplished had his divine breath not been snuffed out by the jackboot of a tyrannical stooge?


No, this was no accident.

Something Elijah’s mother clearly knew:


So did Saint Paul, who once wrote:

For we struggle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)

Don’t let yourselves be deceived. We must be united as the auryn in our fight against this world’s true enemies, the force of uncreation and those who are allied with it. 


Not statues of elk and mermaids.

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  1. Can you believe some cops just got busted for “re-enacting” his death as a joke? I just don’t understand how some people can do something so evil. What kind of people apply for a job that’s meant to serve and protect and then go and do things like mocking the death of someone like Elijah McClain?


    1. I…don’t understand that. I just don’t understand it. my heart won’t comprehend such disgraceful, contemptible, evil actions.


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