A game for Dionysia

So many people requested my list of surreal and otherworldly movies for Dionysia 2020 e.v. that I decided to do something else instead. I put together the following game. Over the course of three days, watch the following sets of movies and vote on your favorites. You can choose as many sets as you can handle each day, though I probably wouldn’t recommend more than three sets a day. Once you have finished watching and voting, feel free to share the results in the comments below. They should probably be watched in the order listed, though that’s up to you. 

I. Harold and Maude
II. The Beaver
III. Upstream Color

I. I Kill Giants
II. The Fisher King
III. Tideland

I.  Santa Sangre
II. Orion
III. Mandy

I. Dave Made A Maze
II. The Number 23
III. The Cell

I. Bull Dance
II. A Streetcar Named Desire
III. Antichrist

I. The Fall
II. Holy Mountain
III. Baraka

I. Taxidermia
II. Little Otik
III. Blood Tea + Red String