I’m just not sure what the question was

It’s been a bad pain day for me, so I’m sitting here in my office listening to some good tunes, smoking some passable weed, communing with Dionysos and pondering the dream I had about Tarvos Trigaranos a fortnight or so back, which I alluded to in both the Herakles-play and that spate of posts on Saint Boniface. Specifically this good tune:

As a general policy I try to avoid the comments sections of posts and videos, especially if I happen to like the material, but for some reason I found myself scrolling down until I saw this:

Russ B – 4 weeks ago: Her voice generates an inter-dimensional rift that Jim Morrison frequently takes advantage of to keep tabs on us.

Well, alrighty then.

Sounds like I got an answer – I’m just not sure what the question was. 

4 thoughts on “I’m just not sure what the question was

    1. Thank you – and you’re right, I do enjoy that song! (I used to have a couple of her songs on heavy rotation but haven’t really kept up with FKA Twigs. Good to see she’s still putting out good shit.)

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  1. Looks like you got a typo in the last line. Normally I wouldn’t say anything but I don’t want Scarlet Magdalene trying to use this one as “evidence”…


    1. By all means, if you catch typos or inaccuracies, let me know. I’m usually smoking heavily when I write, so it’s bound to happen. And that one was especially embarrassing!


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