Well, that’s a little weird

So yesterday I make the post about Dionysos and wind-storms and Odysseus’ ship being driven off course – and this morning I’m scrolling through my newsfeed and see a story about a ghost ship that washed ashore in Ireland because of winter storm Dennis after a year of being lost at sea. Cool. 

3 thoughts on “Well, that’s a little weird

  1. Interesting for many reasons, my friend…

    The County of Cork is one that has various associations with shipwrecks…and in the early 20th century, no less! Cobh, which was then called Queenstown (before the Irish Republic was founded), in the eastern part of Cork Harbor, was the last port-of-call for the HMS Titanic before its fateful voyage…

    And not long after that, the Lusitania was sunk off the Old Head of Kinsale (just south of Cork City on the Atlantic coast), and the investigations into the Lusitania in the 1990s were based in Kinsale.

    So, Ballycotton having this ship wash up…come to think of it, I may have been in Ballycotton last summer very briefly! Hmm!


    1. Yes, in fact, I was there!

      Does this mean…I’m a far-traveler who is prone to forget where I’ve travelled and who I’ve been while traveling? Yes, but that doesn’t necessarily MEAN anything, of course! ;)


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