Questions about the Starry Bear?


Since I want to write more about the Starry Bear proto-tradition in 2020 e.v. I figured I’d ask you guys, my faithful, clever and lovely readers – what do you want to know about it generally and what sort of questions, if any, do you have?

Hell, if you’ve got questions about the Starry Bull ask those too. 

Between my health and spiritual workload I can’t promise to get to everything but I’ll try, and can certainly use the inspiration. 

5 thoughts on “Questions about the Starry Bear?

  1. Hey Sannion, what place does Hermes hold within the Starry Bear? He’s been showing up strongly for me, a Freysman, recently, and I was wondering if you have had any personal gnosis or found any sources that talk about connections that Hermes may have with the Germanic world, in particular with any of the Vanir.

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  2. What do I generally want to know about Starry Bear? Everything!Especially how to start.


  3. After great consideration, I’d like to hear more about Loki’s role in the Starry Bear tradition. I feel somewhat of a draw towards Loki


  4. I would like to hear about Mani’s role in the Starry Bear tradition. I feel in some ways that Mani has a lot in common with Dionysos (both are Gods of madness, both love the lonely and the outcasts, both are very protective of Their followers, etc.).


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