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You guys have asked some really good questions. The ones on the role of Hermes, Loki and Mani within the Starry Bear pantheon are going to require some further research unless you just want my UPGs and what’s come through in poetry thus far. (I’ve particularly been interested in Loki’s backstory since discovering that he made his way to Northern Italy with the Langobards.) The question on where to start will likely lead to a couple series, the first of which will be dealing with our blended cosmology – the World Tree alone getting its own post. I’ll happily accept more; it may take me a while to get through them all, but it’ll also give my writing some much needed focus. 

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  1. One of your posts a bit back you talked about a bear king–that immediately made me think of Arthur. Do you see a connection there?


    1. Oh, Arthur’s story unquestionably fits within and is perhaps the best-known expression of the archetype, even with all of its Christian and Romantic accretions. (Though, ironically, even as they muddy the waters a bit some of these actually contribute important elements otherwise not present, sort of how Sir Orfeo make things even more Bacchic by adding the Fairy King figure and using maenadic imagery to convey the suffering of Orpheus’ bride after the snake bite.) I don’t know how much Arthur will play into this, as I’m primarily focusing on Northern and Eastern European examples but that could make for an interesting article.


      1. My only real hesitations are 1) my knowledge of Arthurian lore is such that I’m not sure I could truly do the subject justice and 2) in general we have far less information about Dionysos’ presence among the Celts than we do for other parts of Europe, especially the British Isles. (Though the English sure made up for that from the 1600s on, especially during the 18th and 19th centuries which have been characterized as suffering from a kind of bacchomania which spread beyond just the arts.) So while I could tie him in with the wider Bear King complex, making it explicitly Starry Bear could prove a bit of a challenge.


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