Day IV. To Hermes Ktêsios

O Hermes who protects the pantry and cupboard,
the stove and sink, the parlour and bedroom, the library
and womens’ quarters, the porch, the door and all
of the windows – hail to you, Guardian God that
keeps things running smoothly within and bars the way
to poverty, illness, misfortune and wrath as well
as all the wicked and destructive entities
who are responsible for stirring such nasty things up.
None can outsmart you, or best you physically,
and even among the Gods only Hekate comes close
to rivalling your magical might. The home that keeps
your shrine always full of incense, food offerings
and most importantly plentiful libations such as
a thirsty, road-weary traveler might enjoy
will see their fortunes and standing in the community flourish,
for you are most kind, generous and hospitable O Lord
Hermes, son of Maia and loud-thundering Zeus the King.