Day I. To Hermes Polytropos

I hail Hermes who has traveled wide
and mastered many wiles along the way,
he whose form is as changeable
as his mind is guileful, lover of puzzles, tricks,
games of skill and games of chance;
magician and executioner, informant and extortionist,
thief and problem-fixer, babysitter and trusted adviser
– there is no task too small or too large
that you cannot bring to a pleasing resolution,
O friend of Gods and friend of men.
You grease the wheels, find what others cannot,
make what we least expect occur, and know all the right words
to persuade, lull, compel and excite as you please.
Panoptic Argos, long-haired Hippolytos, the bearish
and guest-devouring brothers Agrius and Oreius,
the Thessalian witches who sought to rape Selene,
those xenophibic Lydians together with their expat king
Pelops the benefactor-slayer – all these can attest
your might and glory, Lord, for each in their turn
felt the unsuspected sting of your implacable wrath,
God who journeys by moonlight, swift as raven’s wing,
unseen unless he wishes to be – to you I turn my voice,
Hermes who hears the prayers of those in need,
and answers.

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