Day VI. To Hermes Mêchaniôtês

Hear me, O Hermes the wise contriver,
weaver of deceit, inventor of the written word
and of commerce and lawsuits, you who design
religious rites and were first to map the stars,
crafter of the lyre, measurer of the sports field,
one who lays the foundations for temples and helps
us maintain the necessary boundaries in our lives
and world, calculator of distances, differences and probability,
instructor in philosophy, mathematics, science and magic;
hear me, I pray, through the din of confusion and uncertainty
and show me the way to order myself rightly with the Gods
that I may know my purpose and how best to proceed
in every situation and obstacle that comes my way,
and more, grant me clarity of vision, ingenuity
and creativity, and most importantly will and agency
that I may turn all adversity into opportunity,
as you, Hermes, so elegantly do.