Hail to you, Revealer through Dreams!

beacon shaman 2019

From Oitylos to Thalamai in Lakonia the road is about eighty stades long. On it is a sanctuary of the Goddess containing an oracle. They consult the oracle in sleep, and the Goddess reveals whatever they wish to learn in dreams. Bronze statues of Pasiphaë and of Helios stand in the unroofed part of the sanctuary. It was not possible to see the one within the temple clearly, owing to the garlands, but they say this too is of bronze. Water, sweet to drink, flows from a sacred spring. Some say Pasiphaë is a title of Selene, and not a local Goddess of the people of Thalamai. (Pausanias, Description of Greece 3.26.1)

Image credit: “Beacon Shaman 2019” by Galina Krasskova

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  1. I showed my son(whose art I’ve shown you) this painting and his words were “That is sick!”. I’m pretty sure that’s a positive.

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