Hymn to Freyr

Many are the great heroes of old,
mighty kings who sailed the far seas,
men of courage who spilt the blood of terrible beasts,
and those brave souls who gave up their lives to make our land free;
but none are as deserving of honor as Freyr,
long-handed and lovely faced Lord of the Fair Ones,
whose valorous deeds are the favorite subject
of divinely inspired poets and old women with babes upon the knee.
His eyes, they say, are fierce like the fire that burns
an enemy’s strong walls down to the ground,
and his hair is the color of the brown food of bees
or the radiant Sun at midday.
None could stand for long
against the antler-bearer in a fight,
so skilled in war-making is he,
and the broad-bosomed earth has never seen the man
who could match wits with this cunning fellow.
Elf-knowledge is his, and the working of binding charms.
He knows the language of wild beasts,
when to plough, sow and reap the fields,
and how to woo a beautiful maiden,
chaste and pure as the new-fallen snow.
So when the days are stretched out,
the heat bears down upon us,
and the golden corn is ready to harvest,
remember this God among men
and keep his ancient festival in the ancestral fashion,
with songs and foot-races and blazing bonfires
so that Freyr’s good-will will be ours for another year to come.

One thought on “Hymn to Freyr

  1. A flourishing tribute to the Norse God Freyr. A detailed account of His many attributes. Perfect.


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