Balada de la trompeta


Balada triste de trompeta
por un pasado que murio
y que llora
y que gime
como llooooooraaaaa
Con tanto llanto de trompeta
mi corazon desesperado
va llorando
mi pasaaaadoooo

Then you break down and cry


Well this is such
A sad affair
I’ve opened up my heart
So many times
But now it’s closed

Oh my dear
Every salted tear it wrings
Bitter – sweet … applause

But when the show’s in full swing
Every once in a while
High stepping chorus lines
Mean I’m forgetting
Mein lullaby – liebchen

How rich …
In contrast love can be
Sometimes I’m quite amused
To see it twist and turn
To taste both sweet and dry

These vintage years
Lovers you consume, my friend
As others their wine
Nein – das ist nicht
Das ende der welt
Gestrandet an leben und kunst
Und das spiel geht weiter
Wie man weiss
Noch viele schonste

And now, as you turn to leave
You try to force a smile
As if to compensate

Then you break down and cry


Wild Hunt reported on a Dionysian mural that was recently taken down because someone on Facebook complained, calling it “satanic.” As gross as I found the artist’s apology (“I would like to publicly apologize for anyone who is offended by this piece, and also to state that never in my career would I intentionally insult or offend a religion or culture with my artwork.”) the comments left on that post were even worse, especially this one by J Verdant:

The artist is in the right and the people who took it down are idiots. This has very little to do with Dionysus though. The image doesn’t seem to be based on any actual myth, just his personal struggles with alcohol. And I’m confused by his statement “the Dionysus myth is illuminated as manly, tough, courageous.” That doesn’t really sound like any Dionysus myth I’m familiar with…

Clearly this is someone who needs to read more. 

Might I suggest starting with Horace Odes 2.19:

I saw Bacchus on distant cliffs – believe me,
O posterity – he was teaching songs there,
and the Nymphs were learning them, and all
the goat-footed Satyrs with pointed ears.
Evoe! My mind fills with fresh fear, my heart
filled with Bacchus, is troubled, and violently
rejoices. Evoe! Spare me, Liber,
dreaded for your mighty thyrsus, spare me.
It’s right to sing of the willful Bacchantes,
the fountain of wine, and the rivers of milk,
to sing of the honey that’s welling,
and sliding down from the hollow tree-trunks:
It’s right to sing of your bride turned Goddess, your
Ariadne, crowned among stars: the palace
of Pentheus, shattered in ruins,
and the ending of Thracian Lycurgus.
You direct the streams, and the barbarous sea,
and on distant summits, you drunkenly tie
the hair of the Bistonian women,
with harmless knots made of venomous snakes.
When the impious army of Giants tried
to climb through the sky to Jupiter’s kingdom,
you hurled back Rhoetus, with the claws
and teeth of the terrifying lion.
Though you’re said to be more suited to dancing,
laughter, and games, and not equipped to suffer
the fighting, nevertheless you shared
the thick of battle as well as the peace.
Cerberus saw you, unharmed, and adorned
with your golden horn, and, stroking you gently,
with his tail, as you departed, licked
your ankles and feet with his triple tongue.

And then perhaps Diodoros Sikeliotes’ Library of History, Nonnos’ Dionysiaka and Euripides’ Bakchai for good measure

Then, of course, there is my favorite invocation of him, Orphic Hymn 30:

I call upon loud-roaring and reveling Dionysos,
primeval, two-natured, thrice-born Bacchic lord,
savage, ineffable, two-horned and two-shaped.
ivy-covered, bull-faced, warlike, howling, pure,
you take raw flesh, you have triennial feasts,
wrapt in foliage, decked with grape clusters.
Resourceful Eubouleus, immortal God sired by Zeus
when he mated with Persephone in unspeakable union,
hearken to my voice, O Blessed One,
and with your fair-girdled Nurses,
breathe on me in spirit of perfect kindness. 

Incidentally, I found the mural quite powerful and resonant of Dionysos’ own struggles with insanity, likely the constellation of myths he was drawing on.

Art is supposed to be shocking, transgressive and force us to confront our preconceived notions and societal conditioning as well as feel novel and alien sensations – at least good, Dionysian art is, which is why this guy never should have apologized.

I also found it amusing that Wild Hunt’s readers were miffed with the piece being taken down when I’ve seen some of them laud censorship, deplatforming and doxxing in the past. I guess it’s only problematic to them when people they don’t like are doing it. I, personally, am for unlimited free expression, especially when it comes to material I don’t care for.   

Welcome the coming of Spring, the Bacchic season


Meleager, The Garland 9.363
Windy winter has left the skies, and the purple season of flowery spring smiles. The dark earth garlands herself in green herbage, and the plants bursting into leaf wave their new-born tresses. The meadows, drinking the nourishing dew of dawn, laugh as the roses open. The shepherd on the hills delights to play shrilly on the pipes, and the goatherd joys in his white kids. Already the mariners sail over the broad billows, their sails bellied by the kindly Zephyr. Already, crowning their heads with the bloom of berried ivy, men cry euoi! to Dionysos the giver of the grape. The bees that the bull’s carcass generates take thought of their artful labours, and seated on the hive they build the fresh white loveliness of their many-celled comb. The races of birds sing loud everywhere : the kingfishers by the waves, the swallows round the house, the swan by the river’s brink, the nightingale in the grove. If the foliage of plants rejoices, and the earth flourishes, and the shepherd pipes, and the fleecy flocks disport themselves, and sailors sail, and Dionysos dances, and the birds sing, and the bees bring forth, how should a singer too not sing beautifully in the spring?

In other stupidness …

My wife was recently doxxed by some mouth-breathing Antifa member who likely lives in his mother’s basement and never sees the Sun unless there is some free speech to squash at the local university.

Let’s be honest, we all expected this to happen sooner or later but the reasons he gives are truly astounding.

Her crimes?

As well as being anti-SJW, she’s also intolerant of other religions. She wants nothing to do with them and holds an elitist view of her religion in looking down upon others. She wants to mate only within the religion and she supports patriarchial conceptions of a dowry and arranged marriages. She also has troubling ideas about duty to art. She’s fatphobic and she’s against “progress” if it stands in the way of her gods or religion.

Booo! Hiss!!!

Wait … what?

So believing that skinny people tend to be healthier than the obese (an opinion shared by medical science, for what it’s worth) as well as holding views that the majority of members of Jewish, Moslem, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Druze, Yazidi, Romani, etc communities as well as many traditional and indigenous populations all share makes her a Nazi? Does that mean they’re all Nazis too? Damn there are a lot of Nazis in the world today. And here I thought National Socialism was a specific cultural, economic and political movement which differed significantly in ideology and execution even from Italian, Spanish and Eastern European expressions of Fascism. Nope. Everyone you disagree with (no matter how trivially) is a card-carrying Nazi these days. 

Of course, this also begs the question – how does believing in marrying within one’s faith community, having dowries and shidduch and a serious commitment to art harm anyone, especially when she is not seeking to impose any of that on others, particularly disinterested outsiders? Now, if she starts advocating for these things at gunpoint you might have a valid critique (though I’m still not certain that’d make her a Nazi) but she doesn’t so you don’t. Until then these are just, like, her beliefs man. 

I was equally confused by his attempts to damn her through association, mentioning her “close ties” to Raven Kaldera, a transman and lifelong advocate for trans rights and inclusion who apparently suffers from transphobia and racism:

Galina has also worked with and supports a transphobic transgender intersex person, Raven Kaldera, who has also published books about paganism. In the past, Raven has spouted all sorts of transmisogyny, anti-trans violence, and racism. […] Raven also seems to mix BDSM with paganism, and he calls himself an “ordeal master”. Ordeals are the act of putting assumably consenting parties through situations that can involve intense physical and mental pain in order to attain some sort of “spiritual” consciousness and can be a form of worship in the religious practice. Consenting parties should be fully free to engage in indulgent behavior; the problem, though, is that Raven has been accused of abusing naive people who are new to paganism who end up getting raped. He’s also been accused of falsely linking sadistic sexual acts to the Hindu Kavadi ceremony and the Lakota Sun Dance, which has been called misappropriation and racist.

Dude, that sounds like kink-shaming to me. Not cool. Not cool at all.

He also links her to Wayland Skallagrimsson:

Unsurprisingy, she’s also anti-PC and anti-SJW, anti-“censorship”, and pro-free speech that includes platforming fascists. She’s linked to some articles by Wayland Skallagrimsson who has talked fondly of the hammerskins and espoused proto-fascist ideas of hierarchy and anti-PC/anti-SJW sentiment.

Which I find especially amusing as she last saw him at a Heathen gathering nearly a decade ago. Further, as Wayland himself chimed in:

I was fighting fascists before you were a gleam in your daddy’s eye. I have, as a result, had more credible death threats than you’ve had stiff drinks. Don’t *%#^$! Tell me I am not sincere enough for you, and so I am really a fascist myself. What have you actually accomplished? What risks have you run?

But that’s not the extent of Galina’s “sins.” She also promotes free speech and doesn’t advocate for religiously or politically motivated violence:

In a few posts on Galina’s blog, she attempts to paint herself as not being a nazi and holding to the position that nazism is harmful, but she contradicts herself all over the place stating that she’s anti-antifa and that fascists like Richard Spencer shouldn’t be punched in the face. In a few places, she even states that she falls along the center of the political spectrum and puts forth tired “both sides” talking points. She immediately contradicts this, though, by going on with anti-antifa and pro-free speech tirades.

Just sickening how she won’t physically assault people she disagrees with and wants to have the opportunity to argue them down in public forums. Sickening, I tell you.  

Of course if the anonymous coward who doxxed her or his degenerate and mentally unhinged buddies decide to show up at our home or on campus and take a run at her, well, I can promise in a paraphrase of Liam Neeson that those poor bastards are going to have a very bad day, despite my wife’s commitment to tolerance, free speech and pacifism.  

I do not suffer from such ethical constraints, and I am very protective of what is mine. 


I want you – unless you’re white. Then you can just fuck right off.


Uni, the mascot of inclusive Rainbow Heathenry

Karl Siegfried (who has a doctorate in double bass which he feels entitles the bearer to speak authoritatively upon Heathen matters) has come up with some declarations for the community in the wake of a violent incident involving some Moslems in New Zealand. This man (and I apologize if I’ve assumed your pronouns Karl) stated the following in a piece for the super woke Wild Hunt:

5. If Heathens are okay with missionaries seeking to recruit racists or save souls in prison, it’s difficult to understand why they would be opposed to actively seeking out non-white Heathens and bringing them into their practicing groups. This isn’t about recruiting one person of color and featuring their photo on an organization’s social media accounts. If Heathenry isn’t a religion for white people, our religious communities should naturally reflect the diversity of the United States. If our organizations and events are full of white people exclusively, we need to ask what we’re doing that has built a de facto exclusive religious community.

6. We should diversify Heathen presence at wider Pagan and interfaith events. We should refuse to be part of or attend all-white panel discussions on Heathen issues. We should let organizers know that such presentations are no longer acceptable. I encourage any who feel that this is calling for tokenism to embrace that feeling and follow it to its logical conclusion. If the idea of including, for example, African-American or Latinx Heathens on a panel discussing Heathen issues is offensively tokenist, take steps to fight tokenism. Pledge to only support Heathen workshops, presentations, and panels featuring exclusively non-white practitioners for the next decade.

One might point out that if your stated goal is to combat racism then instituting quotas based on the color of an individual’s skin and only permitting said colored people (without any consideration for their experience, knowledge or aptitude) to present at conferences or take on speaking and leadership roles in other contexts seems, well, kind of regressive and counterproductive to me, but what do I know? I’m a high school drop out who never had the chance to study double bass at university. Maybe I’m missing something essential here. Let’s give Karl’s declarations the consideration they deserve, despite his melanin-challenged status.

So, in order to virtuously signal that I am not a hwite supremeist or Republican or any such horrible creature I am going to start actively recruiting colored people to join the new Rainbow Universalist Kindred I am founding. We will have a 25% blood quota so please have your 23andMe papers handy; note, we are also an intersectionalist Kindred so being genderfluid, polyamorous, a Leftist, mentally or physically disabled, a consumer of large quantities of soy or if you possess membership in another class of oppressed persons (such as Democrats, journalists or Antifa) you will score extra points on the admissions test. Knowledge of the lore and customs of our people, ability to pray and make a variety of regionally and seasonally appropriate offerings to the Holy Powers, engaging in advanced spirit-work practices or having a serious and committed relationship with the Kindred’s Gods and Spirits is irrelevant as we do not believe in elitist and discriminatory concepts such as hierarchy and meritocracy, clear hold-overs of the patriarchy. Also, fucking white people need not apply or say or do anything should they happen to show up at one of our events. (I think everyone has had enough of you people by now.) Although our Kindred draws on the beliefs and religious practices of Germanic, Slavic, Baltic and related cultures that does not mean that they are your Gods and Spirits simply because you have some ethnic ties to those places. Especially since being white you are probably also cis, hetero, wealthy, educated, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, xenophobic, and islamophobic. In short, like all white people you make stereotypical judgments based on superficial conditions such as skin color, gender, sexual preference and the like and we won’t be having any of that in our Kindred. (Our Kindred incorporates lots of musical and athletic contests at the Holy Tides so there will be plenty of opportunity for colored people to contribute and feel at home with us.)

Needless to say I’m just ripping on Karl. I have no intention of starting up a Rainbow Kindred any time soon.