The Retinue Shrine Explained

My common shrine to Dionysos and his Retinue is a work in progress. For instance, I need to hang the masks on the wall above it and add representations for a number of important Gods and Spirits. But I’m picky and haven’t found the right representations for them yet. I am also patient, and willing to wait for those right representations to find their way to the Bakcheion. (Click the link and scroll down for pics.)

So far I’ve got:

  • Framed picture of Dionysos Omadios (Eater of Raw Flesh)
  • Hekate
  • Cup with hound for Maira
  • Top for Strobilos
  • Comedy and Tragedy masks
  • Beige urn for the Dionysian Dead
  • Bowl of knucklebones for Astragaloi
  • Bronze woman with tripod for Kirke
  • Skull fountain for Ikarios
  • Clown noisemaker for Krotala and the Harlequinade
  • Freyja riding Hildisvíni
  • Bust of Proserpina
  • Dionysos’ Sacred Heart
  • Castanets for Krotala
  • Caryatid for Karya
  • Headless Clown Spider for Arachne and the Harlequinade
  • Apple with puzzle inside for Mela and Trochos
  • Egg with skulls for Phanes and the Dead
  • Dried pomegranate for Persephone
  • Pomegranate seeds on tray for the blood of Dionysos
  • Aniconic idol with Labyrinth and Boukranion for Di-wo-nu-so, the Cretan Dionysos
  • Mask of Dionysos Eubouleus (Of Good Counsel)
  • Oliver Stone’s The Doors dvd and The Doors Greatest Hits cd for Jim Morrison
  • Spider husk in a jar for Arachne
  • Fox face for the Bassarids
  • Plaque of Ariadne
  • Icon of Dionysos Choroplekes (The Danceweaving One)
  • Terracotta statute of Erigone
  • Bronze disc depicting the Harlequinade
  • Aphrodite
  • Bone bullroarer for Rhombos and the Dead
  • Wood bullroarer for Rhombos
  • White mask for the Titans
  • Framed picture of Dionysos Mainomenos (The One Whose Madness Spreads)
  • Brown face of Dionysos Dendrites (He in the Trees)
  • Painting of Columbina
  • Black urn for the Bacchic Martyrs
  • Spider candle-holder for Arachne
  • Double herm of Dionysos Phleos and Ariadne Antheia
  • Red Wheel for Trochos
  • Bronze disc depicting a Satyr
  • Bowl with stars and lyre for Orpheus
  • Taras
  • Gold mask for Arlecchino
  • Dryad
  • Korybant
  • Melampos under an arbor
  • Bottle with Etruscan designs for Akoites
  • Seilenos cup
  • Grape candle-holder for Ampelios
  • Mini-shrine for David Bowie
  • Deck of David Bowie playing cards

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  1. He just stole my Hermes icon. *sigh*. I told him it’s on loan, like in a museum but a shrine. lol. He said, “I’ve “discovered” it.” I said, “you’re Blackfoot, not Columbus.” lol

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