A glimpse inside the Bakcheion

Since Anthesteria just wrapped, I figured I’d give y’all a guided tour of the Hudson Valley Bakcheion, formerly Galina’s library until I discovered and colonized it.

The entrance is protected by this apotropaic image:

The first thing you’ll notice upon stepping through the door is a small round table upon which I’ve placed a bowl of chernips and methods of cleansing involving the other cardinal elements. (Not shown.) Above it is a representation of the World Tree, central to both Heathenry and Orphism — though interestingly not Greco-Roman religion generally. (Also not shown.)

To the right hang icons of Liber Pater and Iðunn, to ensure that this is a fertile place for devotion.

Facing out to the creek and the many backyard shrines below is my writing desk, numerous protective charms and amulets hanging from the lintel, and a shrine to the Gods and Spirits of the Green Way. (Not shown.)

Above it hangs this icon of Dionysos Choiropsalas and a Nymph.

The center of the room consists of a divination station, where all of my tools of the trade are kept. (Not shown.) Although it’s set up to read for clients I haven’t seen anyone here in the five years that the Bakcheion has been operational, preferring to deal with strangers downstairs in the living-room or better yet out by the yard shrines.

Here is βασσάρα, guardian of the temple. She bites atheists and other impious.

That is my thyrsos next to her, and a rabbit-topped walking stick.

Here are shrines to Dionysos Lusios and Bakcheios, respectively.

Between them is Arachne. She bites too.

Next to them is my oracular throne, which is covered by a bearskin when not in use. (Not shown.)

Here is my Starry Bull shrine, the centerpiece of which consists of the books I’ve written articulating the tradition.

Normally there’s another shrine cloth and the books are better arranged, but there was an unfortunate incident involving beeswax which I need to remedy.

Dionysos Asterios got a slice of chocolate bourbon pie and a fine Spanish wine on Choes.

And here is the common shrine to Dionysos and his Retinue.

There’s more, but it’s not for public consumption.

Hope y’all had a wonderful Anthesteria!

2 thoughts on “A glimpse inside the Bakcheion

    1. Oh, she willingly gave it up. Perhaps too willingly upon reflection …

      But yeah. I figure the box functions as a key to the Labyrinth in the Hellraiser literature and movies (of which there are only five; I will not acknowledge the rest) so I consecrated it to Dionysos and his Retinue, and use it for meditation and connecting with the Labyrinth-dwellers. (It’s a fully functional, 3-dimensional replica puzzle, which took some practice to figure out how to use. It was really fun when I finally managed to get it to change its shape. No Cenobites were summoned, at least that I’m aware of.)


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