Look who showed up for Anthesteria

A while back Galina was doing some browsing on Etsy when this statue of Dionysos caught my eye. I am very difficult to shop for, so when I showed interest she jumped on the opportunity to gift me something special. Honestly, it’s been a while so I kind of forgot all about it until the box arrived on our doorstep just as we were going out for a rambling walk through our city on this first night of Anthesteria, which she has posted about here. Later tonight he will be formally installed in my temple space – either as part of the Starry Bull shrine or the one for the Retinue. (I don’t think he fits in with the other shrines, to Dionysos Bakcheios and Lusios respectively, or the Green Way station where I keep all of my φαρμακεία accouterments under his watchful eye. But I’ll feel things out and probably divine before beginning the installation ceremony.) Regardless I think he will make a wonderful addition to the Bakcheion and I take his arrival on Pithoigia of all days as a most favorable omen.