Who Causes to Swell

I was asked a good question, namely why do we at the Bakcheion associate the epiklesis Φλέως with Dionysos during the Anthesteria, to which I replied:

Phléos means “he who causes to swell” which can be interpreted in a number of ways. Dionysos causes the fruit to become swollen with moisture on the vine; he makes the flowers rise up from the cold, barren Earth with the dead following in their wake; just as the tides became swollen with rain and burst their bounds covering the Earth in a deluge during the days of Deukalion, the sweet sailor of the wine-dark seas in his Black Ship like the one paraded through the city on a wagon, full to bursting with the blessings of Dionysos; and the swollen goatskin, slick with oil on which men danced and grappled to commemorate the slaughter of the vine-munching beast by Ikarios, who himself was killed by people full of wine and wrathful madness; as well as the giant phalloi tumescent with life’s juices which were carried through the streets causing collective erotic mania until curative dances were instituted by the Pythia, pregnant with Apollon’s prophetic utterances, etc.