redesigning the Bakcheion

I am currently in the process of redesigning the Bakcheion. (My temple space, not the website.) 

When complete it will have a purification station, a divination station, and nine shrines to Dionysos, each representing a festival from our calendar and the different ways he manifests through them. 

Today I worked out the epithets for the shrines:

  • Lenaia = Bromios (βρόμιος) – “Noisy”
  • Anthesteria = Phleos (Φλέως) – “Who Causes to Swell”
  • The Dionysia = Melpomenos (Μελπόμενος) – “Who Celebrates with Song and Dance”
  • Agrionia = Thurepanoiktes (θὐρεπανοίκτης) – “Opener of the Door”
  • Aletideia = Eubouleos (Εὐβουλεος) – “Of Good Counsel”
  • Pannychia = Asterios (Ἀστέριος) – “Starry”
  • Oschophoria = Nyktelios (Νυκτέλιος) – “Nocturnal”
  • Lampteria = Morychos (Μόρυχος) – “Dark”
  • Foundation Day = Bakcheios (Βάκχειος) [Óðr] – “Frenzied”

I think this new arrangement will help me connect with Dionysos on a deeper level. At least that is my hope. 

Once I have everything set up I’ll take some pics and share them with y’all.  

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