Informal readers poll, yo!

Oh, forgot to add…

I’ll make the final decision once proper divination has been done, but until then I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see how you, the readers, felt: should I include hymns for the Skythian, Slavic and Baltic Gods (or at the least the ones pertinent to the Starry Bear tradition) in my Polytheist Hymnal along with pieces for members of the Egyptian, Ancient Near Eastern, Greek, Roman, Germanic and Scandinavian pantheons? Or is that too much, and I should just save them for some future volume? Perhaps you think I should expand it even further. and if so whom would you like to see? (Request not commission, don’t worry.)

8 thoughts on “Informal readers poll, yo!

  1. I think it would be wonderful to include them. Mokosh and Baba Yaga both have come into my life sporadically over the years (the latter more so since my son is very connected with Her) and the rest of the pantheon is beautiful and awe inspiring as well in their own ways.

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  2. include the baltic adn slavic Gods: esp. gabija, ausrine, Egle, Jurate, Medeine, Lada, Baba Yaga, Perkunas, Veles, Perun, Saule, Menulis, Mistress of the Copper Mountain, Lada, and Yarilo. :)

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