final bout of begging

And that’s almost it for the commissions, with just hymns to al-Lāt, Asklepios’ family and a trilogy for Hekate remaining to be written. Of course after that I’ve still got something like 44 divinities to do, several of whom are getting multiple pieces – but if you’d like to sponsor something Paypal me $20 per hymn. You can also just request something, though it’s probably going to the back of the line, there’s no guarantee I’ll even get to it, and you won’t be credited when I do. But hey, it’s worth a shot, innit?

2 thoughts on “final bout of begging

    1. Although the Hymnal is mostly focused on Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse divinities there are a couple Near Eastern ones such as Anath, al-Lat, Mithras, etc who have made it in. So far no Mesopotamians though. (Nothing against them, mind you, I just don’t have any background there.)


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