Hymn to Mithras

To Mithras

Hail to you Mithras born of stone and flame,
who transforms the sacrificial blood of the bull
into flowers and grain, friend of the raven,
companion of the roaring lion,
one who makes a banquet for the Sun,
and knows all the lore of the stars
and the science of initiation rites.
Mithras, strength of the soldier, guarantor of the oath and treaty,
protector of brides and venerable fathers,
you who are always attended by Cautes who bears the torch
and Cautopates who wields the caduceus.
Mithras you stand firm against the wicked and unjust,
and seek always to right what is wrong and unbalanced –
and you teach us to do likewise, and how to find
the strength to fight within.