Hymn to Khnum

For G. Krasskova

To Khnum

Hail to you Khnum, Great Lord to whom
Elephantine and Esna are dear, Mighty Ram
who fills the Nile with your potency
so that the river will spread fertility throughout
the whole of the Two Lands during the inundation,
Father of the fathers, Min of the Nubians, One who
crafted the form of the Sun, Crocodile from whom
the Scorpion is sprung, Protector of the King, God that
the people cry to for deliverance, virile husband of
Satis, Neith, Heqet, Menhit, Meskhenet and Nebtuwi,
ever busy at your wheel shaping clay into strong
and perfect bodies for our beloved children
whom you place in their mother’s bellies
and watch over, guiding them through
the gestation process until it is time
for the Birthing Goddesses to take over
and bring them forth into the light of the Sun.
Thank you Khnum, for of all the labor carried out
by the Blessed Immortals, this is among
the most important for humankind.

4 thoughts on “Hymn to Khnum

  1. I especially like the lines where you talk about Khnum watching over the baby until labor, when birthing goddesses take over.


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