Assorted writing updates

After the initial rush of poetic frenzy in the hospital I hit a block with the book about my experiences and insights surrounding the amputation, and despite my best efforts I haven’t been able to get through, over or around it. This has been especially annoying since I had a couple folks commission pieces for it as part of the medical bills fundraiser and I didn’t want to disappoint; also I’ve had no problem making progress on the festival book, the collection of political and philosophical essays, and the polytheist hymnal which are all nearly complete. (I’ve only gotten some editing and rearranging done on the Orphic Heathenry books, but also haven’t tried to do any new writing for them yet since I’ve been so busy with the others.) I think it’s finally time to put a bullet in the poetry book’s metaphorical head and move on, so I contacted all of the patrons and asked if they’d rather their donation go towards commissioning a hymn or get a refund instead. Most have opted for a hymn, which pleases me since I’ll get to write stuff for divinities I might not have considered on my own. My to-do list currently stands at about two and a half dozen hymns, which I’m hoping to have completed in the opening weeks of the new year if all goes according to plan. If you’d like to request a piece for your favorite Greek, Roman, Norse or Egyptian divinity shoot me an email and we’ll work out the details. It’ll end up being $20 a hymn via Paypal. (I’m too old and lazy to figure out other payment methods at this point.) I’m going to stop taking requests on Kalends, so be sure to get yours in soon!

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  1. I was about to say “who tf used a picture of our ritual altar on their post LOL (bc I read your page in my reader). then I saw it was you and was like, “oh, ok. ” lol


      1. you know how it is. wake up. bleary eyed. no caffeine yet. hit the WordPress reader, which just gives a list of sites I follow with most recent pot and see a pic of our shrine. lol. took me a minute to realize it was YOUR site. lol there as cussing involved.

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  2. Also, someone please request a prayer to Khnum. I’m married to him. He won’t take my money lol.


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