Have you danced the Little Stag on the Kalends?

Kalends is coming up. If you’d like to know more about how to celebrate click here, here and here.

My favorite bit of Kalends lore has to be this:

“Unhappy me! What wickedness did I let loose! I think they would not have known how to play the Little Stag on the Kalends had I not by my rebuke shown them how.” – Pacianus of Barcelona, Parenesis 1.13


3 thoughts on “Have you danced the Little Stag on the Kalends?

  1. Someone ought to make a skit where this priest is telling people not to do the dance but then everyone asks him how it’s done and they try to do it but they do it incorrectly and the priest keeps correcting them on how to do the dance properly so they don’t do it. This of course leads to the whole church doing the dance and just going nuts to the chagrin of the priest.

    Call it Hoofloose.

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