All work and no play makes Jack something something

I am currently working on five books, which I hope to have available by early spring. First is the poetry book, continuing my Nykteliad Cycle and incorporating some of the experiences and insights I had after the surgery. Next is a polytheist hymnal with prayers for members of the Greek, Roman, Norse and Egyptian pantheons. I’ve got two Starry Bear books in the works, the first focusing primarily on Dionysos’ travels through the Northlands and the second branching out to cover other divinities. And finally I’m compiling a bunch of my philosophical and political writings from Heart of the Labyrinth and Satyr’s Mouth (which have been long out of print) with a dozen or so new pieces that will only be available via this volume.

I’ll post the commissioned poetry here as it comes, which will hopefully be soon as I’m starting to get stirrings.

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