What do you guys think?

I got this stylish horned hoody for Oski’s Day and I’m considering making this my official author’s pic:

8 thoughts on “What do you guys think?

  1. Harlequinade vibes through folklore devil syncretism. I love it!

    So are there any direct identifications between Dionysus and the Devil in folklore (like aside from the devil figures connected to the Harlequinade complex of which Dionysus is a part of) does that not become a thing until after guys like Crowley and Kenneth Anger? Obviously I know Christians of course called Him a demon but is He ever outright the Devil?


  2. well, we know that images of Satyrs were one of the influences on how the Christian devil looks (go to YouTube and find “How the Devil Got His Horns”, a fantastic documentary…it talks about it but is also just entertaining. I’ve often thought that the medieval idea of witches’ covens with their figure of a horned devil had elements of maenads and the Bull horned God….

    and I think it makes an awesome author’s pic :)

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    1. I actually have an essay in my library about the Witches’ Sabbath being tied to the Wild Hunt. And I’m definitely with you on it all looking like Maenads worshipping Dionysos! I’ll check out that video. Thanks!


  3. I like the look. Most author phots show something in the hand – a pipe or cup. I think you need one more prop for your Author photo. Keep the T-shirt, buffalo checked pants, and hooded robe.


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