We have such sights to show you

The big white book is by Peter Brown, because I haven’t suffered near enough.

6 thoughts on “We have such sights to show you

  1. Taupe walls, railings on your bed, and almost edible food. As long as you can ignore the random noises of nurses working and the other suffering patients throughout the night you’ll be just fine!


    1. There’s this smell everything has, including the food, which tastes bland and funny, especially since they wont even permit me salt and pepper. Plus the consistency is off.


  2. And then asking, “why aren’t you sleeping?” As if that, plus the lights and alarms, and people down the hall screaming wouldnt be enough to explain it.


  3. one of my guardian spirits was a healer in his time long, long ago when to be a surgeon of Sekhmet was to be also an exorcist or priest. He had things to *say* about San’s room, the hospital, the way the staff were trained, etc. He had quite a few things to say.

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