there and back again

So, what are you doing for Halloween?

I decided to cut one of my toes off for the Spirits.

But I’m sure your thing is pretty cool too.

I’m only half kidding.

Shortly after my last post – around the time of my birthday – I got sick, and then got sicker. My toe swelled up, turned a deep wine red, and started to stink really bad; on top of that I was bed-ridden for about a week and came down with a terrible fever I couldn’t just sleep off like normal.

When we asked my podiatrist about the toe and sent him a pic he insisted I go to the emergency room ASAP, I did, and they proceeded to say, “holy fuck, what is that thing?” and then sawed it off.

That was a couple days ago, and I’ll be recovering in one of New York’s largest trauma centers over Halloween. (By the way, not something I’d recommend if you are at all spiritually sensitive.)

On the plus side, I’ve had some breakthroughs I hope to translate into a book.

And on the negative side I can’t even imagine what all of this will end up costing.

Here’s hoping that book is a bestseller!

Anyway, be well and have a spooctacular time these next couple days.

And maybe when it’s healed a little more I’ll post a pic.

20 thoughts on “there and back again

    1. That’s very sweet, bit this has already involved a tremendous amount of pain. Which is part of the insights I’ve been having, actually. As Morrison said, it hurts to set you free.

      May the spirits be gracious to you, dear friend, and your Samhain full of joy.


  1. May the Gods and spirits heal you.

    Speaking of health, today was my first day of my two-year Chinese Medicine program. I cannot believe how awesome it was. The guy teaching it basically said so many things that you and Galina have taught me over the years. I know I’m in good hands. If you’d allow me to do so, I’d love to treat you some day, Sannion.


  2. im sorry that this happened and I hope that you recover quickly and as painlessly as possible. My love to you and your family.


  3. Holy doodle, Sannion! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you are doing. May Asclepius and Apollon heal you quickly. May Hermes bless you with His luck. Sending you big hugs and good vibes. <3


  4. Gosh. My husband nearly lost his big toe. It took six months for the doctors to save it. He has sores on the bottoms of his feet that I have to dress daily. So feet are important.

    I am sorry for your loss. Losing a body part is awful. May Asclepius come to you in your dreams. May Minerva inspire the doctors.


  5. Just seeing this now. I am so sorry that this happened to you, and am praying for your swift recovery. Take good care of yourself.


  6. Oh no!! Sounds like a terrible experience! Praying for your healing and I hope you’ll be back on your feet again soon. Please let me know if you need any herbal remedies or recommendations.


      1. Would depend on whatever you most need support with… Unfortunately herbs are not nearly as strong as pharmaceuticals for pain. But potentially a topical down the road to help with tissue healing. Other areas that can be addressed w/herbs include immune response/inflammation, lymphatic drainage, circulation, preventative care against future recurrence or complications. Drop me an email if you want to talk further!


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