Looking forward

Of course, just because I’m not currently running any online groups, offering Boukoloi training, or performing initiations and empowerments doesn’t mean that there’s no way to be involved with the Starry Bull tradition. In addition to the 9 festivals of our cycle I’m going to be doing a weekly offering rite which folks can either participate in from home or else submit prayer requests I’ll recite during the rite, and I intend to bring back the regular oracular sessions with Dionysos (though I may make them quarterly instead of monthly this time around.) Additionally I’m going to sponsor a bunch of artistic agones and other devotional activities to honor Dionysos and the Gods and Spirits of his Retinue. Year 4 of the Bakcheion is going to be our biggest and best yet – and I’m looking forward to participating in all of this stuff with you guys.

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