The state of things

I’m not advertising, by the way. Just wanted to clarify some of the terminology used in the Starry Bull tradition. There are currently no Boukolos or Orpheotelest candidates, nor are there likely to be any in the near future as all of my efforts are being directed towards the tending of the Bakcheion and promoting activities associated with it, such as encouraging the celebration of our festival-cycle. I haven’t had much success running online groups, so until Dionysos says otherwise that’s where my focus will remain.

4 thoughts on “The state of things

  1. I don’t think this can be done online. One cannot oversee properly the formation of one’s students online. To do this with integrity, to insure the outcome as much as anyone ever can, it has to be face to face. I’ve learned this the hard way with the last apprentice (prior to Tova who is amazingly pious) I took. He came to me lacking virtue and integrity and did his best to avoid developing it — unless he could get endless pats on the head. In person, this could have been staved off sooner and perhaps corrective action taken, but at a distance, or online…it just doesn’t work.


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