Ladies love the Bakcheion

Earlier in the week Galina and I were at the Post Office mailing out the latest batch of Year 4 calendars when I noticed something interesting (well, interesting to me at least.) Most of the calendars were purchased by women (and we’re talking by a five to one margin!)

I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised. The Bakcheion is a very female-friendly and affirming space. Many Goddesses are honored here along with Dionysos, and the temple recognizes nearly as many Heroines as it does Heroes. Our theological underpinning is Orphic which, despite what you might have read on Twitter or Tumblr, was far from misogynistic. Our traditions are influenced by the cultures of Magna Graecia and Ptolemaic Egypt, both of whom were known for their positive treatment of women. (The other influences – Minoan Crete, Makedonia and the Black Sea region – were as well but I haven’t written any posts on that subject, alas.) Although I am the ἱεροποιός, both of my assistants (who blog here and here) are women. In the past most of the initiates I’ve made have been women (or trans), and I’ve always ensured that there was a strong female presence on the leadership teams of groups I’ve run. The Bakcheion supports the radical propositions that women should be permitted to wear whatever they want (for which I was called a Nazi) and that they should not have their clitorises cut off (unless that’s something they want.)

So, what I’m saying is — dudes, you need to buy more calendars. Sheesh. You guys really gonna let these broads beat you? For shame. For shaaaaaaame.

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