What day is yours?

On the Bakcheion calendar today marks the beginning of our Foundation Day festival, which continues roughly for the next two and a half weeks.

Foundation Day is a modern observance of our temple, combining elements from several ancient Dionysian winter holidays such as Brumalia, Haloa, the Kalendae Ianuariae, etc. Although the bulk of our rites are carried out on December 31st each day from now until then is dedicated to a different letter of the Greek alphabet, with attendant activities and themes for reflection.

If you can’t keep all of the days it’s recommended that you pick the one whose letter begins your name and do something extravagant at that time. For instance since I’m Sannion I would choose Σίγμα – which happens to fall on Christmas. What day is yours?

Anyway, have fun as we count down the remainder of the year and prepare to commemorate the establishment of our temple, the Hudson Valley Bakcheion.