Preparing for Yule

We just finished our ritual for the 4th week of Sunwait, a modern Heathen custom counting down the time until Yule.

In addition to copious prayers and offerings to our assorted Gods and Ancestors, we placed the first batch of Bakcheion calendars on the shrine so that they could be charged with blessings and protections for the recipients in the year to come, before they get shipped out tomorrow.

It was a lovely and moving rite that called to mind previous Yule observances and put me in the mood for celebrating this festival with my household once again.

I hope all of my readers are doing well this season and that luck, health and wealth be yours in the year to come!

7 thoughts on “Preparing for Yule

  1. Blessings of this Winter Solstice & the season of Yule be with you & your loved ones.


  2. Best wishes from the Texas Gulf Coast. May Yule’s Blessings be your this season.


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