Together we will dance in the ashes

Here’s my playlist for this year’s Ἀλέτιδεια. Use responsibly, as it may induce catharsis

4 thoughts on “Together we will dance in the ashes

  1. Beautiful playlist!! I’m a lurker but have been following along for a bit. The worship of the Aletides is fascinating.

    I saw in the festival page on cloth divining you mentioned different types of madness. Can you please explain the differences between Mountain, Telestic, and Possession madness? Or point me to where I can learn more!

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and rituals! Blessed be ❣️


    1. That was the system used in the old Boukoloi training program, based in part on Plato’s discussion of madness in the Phaedrus, some Hippocratic texts and traditional Tarantism. If you’re interested in the subject check out Yulia Ustinova’s Divine Mania: Alteration of Consiousness in Ancient Greece as well as Ernesto de Martino’s The Land of Remorse. Much of Ustinova’s work can be found on


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