Vínland History X

Here is a documentary clip about Thomas Morton that Tetra posted with the following commentary:

Here’s an interesting low-budget film on Thomas Morton and his prosperous Bacchic colony that flourished right here in Massachusetts until those Puritan bastards decided to make a nuisance of themselves yet again. It’s a shame the education system of the United States doesn’t teach about this wonderful man who embodied the American spirit of camaraderie and freedom more than dour Protestant rejects ever could.

Couldn’t agree more.

It’s especially cool to see what Merrymount looks like today.

And note that Morton wasn’t the only early American Dionysian. There was also Ephraim Lyon who in 1820 founded the Church of Bacchus in Eastford, Connecticut as well as his contemporary John Chapman, better known to history as “Johnny Appleseed.”

3 thoughts on “Vínland History X

  1. I’m having a great time getting to know these men. Especially since they’re all locals in the particular region of my birth!

    Maybe it’s time again to take a look at that American strain you were teasing out last year

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  2. Everyone from 0 AD up until 1960 was a “traditional Christian”, like the ones you see online recently. Nothing heathenish to see in the past, no sir. Avert your eyes from this.

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    1. What even is a traditional Christian? Christianity as its known in America is for the most part a product of the Tent Revivalist Era around a hundred years ago. Not to mention there are so many forms of Christianity because they’ll schism for the smallest of differences and end up with the wackiest conclusions of things. The only thing traditional about them is how much they hate each other


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