Breaking the law for the Gods

Despite the influx of hipsters from Brooklyn and Westchester our little town is decidedly lacking in swings. There are some in a couple schools (though not as many as you might imagine) and a gated kiddy park, and that’s about it – which is very different from other places I’ve lived, unfortunately.

The housemate and I snuck into the kiddy park (while Galina and the cat remained behind to hold down the fort) so we could hang the paper dolls the three of us drew, colored and cut out earlier in the evening for Erigone and the Athenian maidens. Then we swung for a while until we saw a car pull up next to ours and the cops started searching it with a flashlight. As we approached, I loudly greeted the police and waved at them in a friendly manner to show I wasn’t carrying. They cheerfully reminded us the park was closed after dark and sent us on our way.

Heading home we paused by the statue of Hebe in the center of town to pay our respects, thereby bringing our Choës observance to a close. Almost as soon as we arrived there was a sudden torrential downpour reminding me of Deukalion’s flood, which seems like an auspicious start to Chytroi. This, by the by, is part of why I made the Hebe posts earlier, as she is the closest thing we have to a polis-Goddess. If you’d like to learn more about our Hebe (not depicted below) click here


4 thoughts on “Breaking the law for the Gods

  1. You know, we’ve had a lot of rain, and some flooding in parts of the region, here over the last week, and yesterday was a pretty steady and pleasant rain without wind…if it had been warmer, I might have gone out in it just to get wet for a while, but as it is kind of cold and I’ve been a bit sick lately, that was not a good idea, alas…

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  2. Greetings from the Texas Gulf Coast. It’s sad to read that your little town has so few swings. Playgrounds with multiple swing sets were a staple of my childhood.

    Have you seen Akira Kurosawa’s “Ikiru” (1952)? In the end scene the hero is dieing. As he feels his life force ebbing, he sits in a swing at a playground alone at night and sings as he swings and dies.


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