Waiting in the Ox-shed



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    1. One certainly could. The Basilinna through extensive ritual preparation becomes identified with the embodiment of the land, to quicken its pulse and fertilize the fields and fruit-bearing trees through the hieros gamos. In different locales that embodiment is represented by different Goddesses.


      1. On that matter, you may be interested to know that the “odd” bit of the Odyssey, in which suddenly Penelope feels the need to make herself over even before she is aware of Odysseus’ return, has been interpreted as a “King and Goddess” theme in Greek mythic narrative by some Indo-Europeanists, reading the Celtic norms of the “King and Goddess” theme along the lines of the appearance of the rightful King then making the figure representative of the Sovereignty Goddess transform from ugly to beautiful. Whether or not one buys it, it may very well fit into the Starry Bull and/or Starry Bear picture of things…! ;)

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