The Weapons of Dionysos

Within the Starry Bear tradition Dionysos possesses several potent weapons.

These are:

  • Thyrsos, given him by the Titans
  • Hunting Net, which he wove himself
  • Double-Axe, taken from Lykourgos in battle
  • Pruning-knife, forged by Hephaistos
  • Shield, forged by Hephaistos
  • Bow and arrows, given him by Freyr (likely crafted by the Sons of Ivaldi)
  • Spear, forged by the Kobaloi when Brokkr the Dwarf refused

And the Toys, which started out as enemies but were converted into allies. 

He also once possessed a magical sword which he stole from a dragon, but later gave to Óðinn as a token of guest-friendship; Óðinn in turn bequeathed this weapon to his son Víðarr, so that he might use it to avenge him during Ragnarök.