Quiz time at House of Vines

Which do you prefer? This song by Anni Clark:

Or this one by Anne Clark:

4 thoughts on “Quiz time at House of Vines

  1. #2
    The first just made me roll my eyes.
    The second made me want to polish my mirror shades, get jacked on combat stims, and go all cybersamurai on some diabolical corporation.


  2. So sad to see this. Humanity is just not powerful enough for the effects we are seeing.

    The Science tells a different story. Let’s start with a “global warming” math model that severely restricts the Sun’s contribution. Look to the House of Mundilfari…”…eyes open, no fear…”

    I can provide links if you would like to follow-up on this.

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  3. Definitely #2. The first one is in a key, a meter, and with lyrics (and visuals!) that are far too happy, and a bit too hippy-dippy, to actually convey the gravity of what is happening.


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