A Strange God in strange lands

Although it’s been a while since I asked for Starry Bear writing prompts, I haven’t forgotten. Over the last couple days I got around 8 or 9 pages down on Hermes’ role in the pantheon, with a particular focus on his presence in Germanic and Russian lands and how that shapes our conception of him within the tradition. Unfortunately while doing some research for this I made a discovery that’s going to necessitate completely changing how this paper is written. We’re talking from the title on down to the concluding paragraph. Which, on the one hand is pretty fucking cool. And on the other is irksome, as I’m rather lazy.  Funny thing – this isn’t the first time that’s happened since I started working on it. Laying it all out like this is both forcing me to refine my understanding of certain things and bringing up layers I’d never glimpsed before. Which, of course, is helping me grow closer to Hermes. Talk about a hermaion

2 thoughts on “A Strange God in strange lands

  1. If you’d like to pursue the Arthurian and/or Celtic matters a bit in relation to all of this, I’d be happy to consult privately on it with you! ;)


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